8 tips to wear a lace bralette top

Summer is almost here, so we are guessing you are looking for some cool new styles to wear. Have you ever thought about wearing a bralette as outerwear? Well if you have, you're in luck! It is THE hottest new trend! Whether it’s for everyday wear, street sass or an evening out, girls everywhere have fallen in love with this particular style. Scroll down to see how you too can rock this new trend.

Here are 8 ways on how to strike just the right balance and get inspired!


1) Bralette with Deep Plunge Style

bralette under top 1  

bralette under top 2

Are you afraid that wearing a bralette on its own will show too much skin, but you can’t resist the thought of flaunting such a gorgeous piece? Well why not try it with a deep plunge shirt?
Pick an oversized shirt and leave a few buttons undone. This effortless look will have you feeling comfortable and sexy all day.


2) Bralette with Coat

bralette in coat 1  

bralette in coat 2

Wear a dainty, lacy bralette under a slightly oversized coat or dressy jacket to make heads turn.


3) Bralette over Shirt

bralette on shirt

With all the pretty bras and bralettes on the market right now, it feels a bit guilty not to show them off. However, not all of us can rock a lacy cami-like undergarment on its own. Luckily, there is one styling will allow you to show off that gorgeous bralette in the daytime, and that is wearing a shirt underneath.


4) Bralette with See Through Top

bralette sheer top 1  

bralette sheer top 2

Wearing your bralette under a see through top is a sure-fire way to turn up the heat! Throw a jacket over the top to dress things up a bit.


5) Bralette as Top

bralette as top

The secret is out! You CAN wear a beautiful, intricate bralette as top. They look gorgeous worn with denim or a maxi skirt. Or if you want to make a bold statement, pair a delicate, lacy bralette with a power suit. This strong contrast element will bring out a surprisingly feminine vibe.


6) Bralette with Draped Leather Jacket + High-Rise Jeans

bralette in jacket

Pairing high rise jeans with a draped leather jacket and a cute bralette underneath, is one of the trendiest looks today. Why not try it?


7) Bralette Under Side Open Tanks

bralette side top

Another stylish and on trend way to wear your bralette is under a tank with low cut arm holes. This way you can show of your bralette without showing too much skin, and feel sexy and comfortable at the same time.


8) Racerback Bralette with Backless Dresses or Tops

open back

Backless dresses or tops are sometimes tricky because not all of us are comfortable wearing a stick-on bra. Here’s your workaround. Bralettes can be supportive and stylish. Talk about investing in functional pieces of clothing!

And now let’s dive into the world of bralettes! Supportive, stylish, on trend and best of all, beautiful, there is a bralette for every girl’s needs. Be sexy and confident, and most of all, BE YOU!


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